New Protocols for Covid-19
There are new restrictions and safety measures in place for how I will be running my business due to covid-19.  I want you all to know first and foremost that I am taking this pandemic seriously not just as a professional but in my personal life as well. 

One thing I have done to ensure your safety as well as my own is to purchase a lens that allows me to take portraits from a far distance.  Here you can see a test shot of my husband standing 25 feet away:​​​​​​​
Things are subject to change but as of now this is what I am putting in place to minimize risk and keep everyone safe as well as comply with state requirements. 

-I am booking only one photography/videography session per week.
-All sessions must be conducted outdoors in an open area with few or no people around.
-We must maintain a distance of at least 10 feet apart at all times.
-I will be wearing a mask. 
-We both agree to reschedule if anyone has symptoms or if anyone has knowingly come into contact with someone who has covid-19 or is sick and experiencing symptoms.
-We will have a quick phone call the day before the session to touch base. 
-We will agree on a safe word or phrase that we can both freely say if one of us forgets to keep a 10 foot distance.  That way nobody feels rude asking the other person to back away!
-Videography will not feature any kind of voiceover as I simply can't get close enough to record a person's voice well.  

I will be updating this page as new information comes to light.  
If you have any concerns that were not addressed here please let me know.  And feel free to book a call with me or email me if you simply want to chat about how we can both feel safe during a photo session.  

Thank you very much and I hope you all are staying safe!
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